Are you struggling with certain situations that you do not know how to fix?

Do you want to know what state your body is in at this moment?

Do you want a MAP of how to get to

optimum health and happiness?

We accompany you so that you can take charge of your own health. So you can really transform yourself towards optimum health and fullness of life.

This will be one of the most complete retreats you have ever attended.

October 4-6, 2019 in Onil (Alicante)

Transform your life Optimize your health


Our Method is designed around a combination of individual consultations, personalised treatments and group activities that will lead you to the health that you want, in a way that you can also maintain this when you return home.


Our exclusive AMAP methodology combines concepts of ancient wisdom with the new technologies based on electromagnetism and quantum medicine.

With more than 30 years of experience in this wonderful field of health and research, we have joined our specialties to offer you a unique experience from which you will return to your daily life having made real change.

You will leave with a personalized map towards transformation and happiness, your own unique and personalized map.

This method works around the aligned energy of the natural changing seasons. That is why the proposal is for a personalized work plan over a period of 1 year, with face-to-face sessions every 4 months, and follow-up at intermediate times. In this way we are helping our body to recover the balance and coherence for which it is designed.

If you really want to change your life, we accompany you to make it possible

What will you take away from this experience?

- Initial and final measurement with:

  • Electromagnetic devices designed for the aerospace industry and state-of-the-art technologies
  • Holographic analysis of blood
  • Method 5 transformations

-The analysis of your situation with you in light of the measurements and the design of the change strategy for your return home

- Individual personalized treatments. We will design the therapeutic route to obtain the best results that assure us that the therapeutic process has already begun and the change is taking place in a real way.

- Educational group talks and discussions to understand how to align with health

- Teaching self-care techniques to regain power over one's health

- You will also take the possibility of continuing to work with us in the mean time with face-to-face sessions.

We want to be sure that your change is real and can be permanent


AMAP combines different tools to offer you the best route to optimize your health and well-being:

We know there are many angles from which to look at health. In our AMAP method we look from 3 different angles: the electromagnetic field, the holographic analysis of the blood and the 5 transformations of the MTC. That gives us a very clear map of what are the priorities on which to act, and a valuable tool for self-knowledge.

Bio-well camera: Energy reading 

Bio-Well is a revolutionary tool based on the Electro-Photonic Image. It is the perfect device to see the invisible. It will teach you how you are in this moment of your life. We will accompany you to see your strengths and weaknesses, and how to follow a map that leads to wellness.

Bigelsen Academy method.

The message of your blood. The holographic blood analysis allows us to see with our eyes everything that is being a problem for your life at this moment, the cause of the imbalances (physical, energetic and emotional), and gives us the guideline of the priority at the time of treat them.

You will get a unique experience of self-knowledge, and transformation.

Transformation Methodology 5 Elements in MTC:

It is a symbolic way of explaining the natural cycles of life. The five elements are: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. We could add a sixth, Ether. This workshop, such as spring - summer, will be a wood and fire workshop. Spring is wood, the liver is worked, the ligaments, emotions of rage or anger. Summer: Fire is the heart works and the emotions of joy and love.


- DAY 1 : Friday

- 19:00 Arrival. Energy and TCM measurements

- 20:00 Opening talk

- 21:00 Dinner

DAY 2: Saturday

- 9:00 group talk . Resources for self-equilibrium

- 11:00 collective activity:working in structure

- 12:00: personalized individual treatments

- 14:00 lunch

- 16:00 - creative activity & discussion

- 18:00 - integration work

- 20h - dinner

DAY 3 - Sunday

9:00 group talk - discussion. Resources for self-equilibrium

11:00 collective activity - creating health and coherence

12:00 personalized individual treatments and second measurements

14:00 - lunch

16:00 - Create a MAP for your health and wellbeing - final group activity and closing.

Note: the schedules are approximate. In such a small group we adapt to the individual and group needs, being able to vary the schedules and activities depending on what is required or considered appropriate.

Accommodation: Casa de Onil

LA CASA DE ONIL is an old manor house located in the historic center of the town. 


It is 40 minutes from the international airport of El Altet and half an hour from Alicante. The bus stop for Alicante is 5 minutes walk from the House (link to the schedules in the CONTACT section).

Short description

Large stone hall • Hallway with fireplace • Yoga room (40m2) • Assembly hall (40m2) • Kitchen with table for 8 people • Medieval cellar • Dining room for 14 people • 8 bedrooms • Terrace with artificial grass • Patio with barbecue

We accompany you on your route

Philippa Harvey:

Master in applied psychology. Specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Holistic wellness coach. International speaker Integrative therapist, using hands (body), mind and soul. Creative work will be done to find the equilibrium of the QI. Will make diagnoses with TCM with option to acupuncture.


Ana Maria Oliva:

Doctorate in Biomedicine. Master in Biomedical Engineering. Creator of the SABIO © Method. International speaker and bioenergy specialist. She has worked with people from all over the world. Her words go directly to the heart, offering you the experience of being able to open space for transformation. Ana María will measure your energy with the Bio-Well during the retreat.  

Adam Bigelsen:

Holistic wellness coach. International speaker Educator for the Bigelsen Academy. Sound therapist He works with his brother Josh Bigelsen to present the message of blood. Two blood measurements will be made with description in the withdrawal. He will share Qigong healing sound exercises, and vocal toning exercises. 

Price of retreat includes:

  • 2 measurements of electromagnetic signals
  • 2 holographic blood tests
  • 2 MTC measurements
  • individual therapeutic accompaniment
  • personalized individual treatments
  • Educational talks, tools ...
  • breakfasts, meals, and vegetarian dinner

· Total price = € 700

We want to be sure that your change is real and can be permanent.

Payment methods: 

50% to reserve the place. 

Indicate Full Name and AMAP Retreat 



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